Journalism is a subject I have had an interest in for years. My fascination started when I was a kid. I was told to write a short story. I wrote about the woods near my house. Writing about these woods: there was a green alien called Tom, who lived in these woods. We would chat and I claimed he was "nice". 

I continued writing from there because I enjoyed the creativity.

Through this style of writing, I became curious to know what other writing genres there were.

My journal work excelled when I studied Psychology. It was a slow guide to factual and informative writing, to write about worthy subjects.

I must have been nine-ten years old when I wanted to document with a camera. My mother owned a Canon EOS-3.

My mum and dad took me, my brother and my sister travelling to some of the most beautiful places across the world.

A display of fireworks highlighted the evening sky over the Grand Canyon. It was eleven-thirty, near midnight, I could barely keep my eyes open but I can remember the bright exploding colours in front of the black canvas.

The background was more grey through the lens and the vibrant colours turned blotchy. I still relish the process of capturing that memory.

Courtenay Florence

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