My nephew captured his first photograph in 2018, it was of a yellow cabbage caterpillar, it was out of focus and you could see both of our shadows in the window but he was so enthusiastic about photographing this caterpillar, it was a precious moment.  

I put the photo in my archive of 'family' because even though many find no value in this poor little photograph, it is a remembrance of how I started, my first photograph was taken in the garden, on black and white film, the photograph is blurry, anyone looking at it today can barely make out the swing set in the centre of the frame. 

I was nine years old when I wanted to start shooting videos. My mum owned a basic camera for the holidays. If we were ever on holiday she allow me to borrow the camera for photography and recording, while she was taking care of my brother or sister. 

A display of fireworks highlighted the evening sky and the falling water of the Grand Canyon. It was approximately eleven-thirty, I could barely keep my eyes open but I can remember the bright exploding colours in front of the black water. 

Making my way to the camera, I bumped into the chair, bed and TV stand while my mum was trying to stop my brother from crying, I was determined to record the scene.  

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