I come from a very creative family, I was brought up surrounded by my dad’s enthusiasm for drawing and my mum’s interest in photography. We could never play Pictionary.

I used to be more into illustrations and sketches before I picked up a camera. I still draw portraits and cute little animation characters on the train, just to pass the time. My up-coming animation has the main character called George, his design is inspired by Katherina Griffiths-Jones, a children’s animated storybook writer.

I actually cannot remember where my interest in filmmaking partly comes from. My room was a library of fictional books and my immediate family didn’t have the most explored tasted in movies and music, I had the choice to either study photography or film in college. After not doing well in my first course in college, ‘art & design’ I wanted to step outside of art and work on developing my skills in storytelling.

During the Film Media course I took a break from photography and sketching, I noticed I dip in my skills once I had finished the course, I needed to find time to combine all these skills so I could maintain the abilities. I applied to study at Falmouth University, the course I chose was 'Press & Editorial Photography', I explored every part of storytelling and art, I improved my writing, photography and filmmaking skills. 

Courtenay Florence

Canon AE 1 Program.


Supporter of the Global Footprint Network.

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