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I’m obsessed with storytelling; I have been from the day I was told I had dyslexia. I became determined to overcome and power through those struggles of reading and spelling, as I practised and practised, I gained a passion for telling stories through the means of art and photography.

I’m sort of addicted to learning and picking up new skills. Outside of art, I consider myself a good cook, I could go on a hiking trip in a heartbeat, and I casually read horror novels while drinking a cup of coffee or listening to swing jazz. Currently, I am studying Environmental Challenges: Rights and Values in the Ecosystem Services and self-teaching video and audio editing, when I am not working as a production assistant, script supervisor or model.


For a while, I have had an interest in the ocean and space, I’m looking into developing a project with what knowledge I have, or I will do something insane with the Supernatural. In the meantime, Closed on Sundays is a passion project that is in the works, available to see with live updates.

I'm open for collaborations, whether they are local or remote, contact me if you have a photographic, journalistic or film production idea we can work on together. If you would just like to chat, pop me an email or DM on social media.

Hi, I'm Courtenay Florence

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