BBQ Ribs


My heart kept drumming against my ribs, I was convinced it would rip out of my skin. A spike from the rock pushed into my arm, I begged myself not to lose grip.

I went to scream for help, but my voice choked.

A section of the rock crumbled and scraped my arm.

I looked around to see if there was a way up.

My leg jolted and the ground began to sink.

When I jumped to the nearest ledge the rock started to powder. The ground I landed on felt secure. My hands immediately grasped rocks that instantly collapsed in my hands. I leaned forward and rested on the muddy wall as I found sturdy rocks for climbing.

The wind pressed against my face, causing me to climb blind.

The tip of my fingers felt muddy stony grass, I placed the palm of my hand on the grass and lifted my body up, I saw land amongst the fog. My legs collapsed against the solid ground.

I looked up at the fog-filled sky and the wind pushed against my face. With all my strength I lifted my chest up, I wrapped my bag around my front, to open my first aid kit.

Trying to not lose control of any loose material, I rubbed my hands with disinfectant and gently cleaned around the edge of the wound, wiped away any blood and picked out dirt from inside the cut.

I dressed the injury and caught my breath. I open my bag and dug into the packed lunch, taking a small sip of water every so often. I got up, pushed my chest forward and steadily walked away from the edge. Moving further away the fog partly lifted and I could see a downwards trail.

The stones supported my weight, I confidently hiked down before my foot stepped onto a loose pile of peddles and my legs bent and my back smacked the pile of rocks behind me.

My body clenched.

I felt paralyzed.