Life During Lockdown

University Students

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I don’t like university regardless, covid has made it harder but the lecturers failed to help me during and before covid anyway. 

I study at Plymouth University; my course relies on practical work and since the lockdown, we have not been able to use the facilities. 

I do not have the equipment to make what I want, without access to the campus it has become impossible to live up to the modules. 

I find it difficult to concentrate at home, my nephew is being homeschooled, my friends who don’t go to university are here and because we have a full house, the Wi-Fi is often shit. I don’t get enough lectures or seminars. I am yet to receive a one to one.

I am not sure where the 9k is going.

I am studying at the University of Bolton, I think that my studies have been impacted negatively as I can’t get the help I need when I’m struggling.


I miss going to class and feel like I’m not getting that face-to-face contact with other students and lecturers which has affected my mental health as I’m not in as much of a routine as before, and adds to the anxiety.

I’m not in a routine, I keep oversleeping which just affects my overall motivation and drive to focus and do well.


Although I enjoy the online class as it’s more convenient.

I find it hard to get in contact with my lecturers when before I could just go into the office and ask for help which adds pressure to my studies and adds to my anxiety. 

The lectures are recorded so I can keep going over the sessions again and again whenever I need to be refreshed or don’t quite understand the material covered.