Animation in Progress - Character Development

< this is the first sketch of the character, George. He was created before the script was written. You can see why I needed to collaborate.

I converted the drawing into a digital sketch, to neaten it up.

I enjoy sketching portraits, when I travelled in Iceland, I drew people in camp while it was pissing down with rain or snow.

Raincoat, wellies, gloves are the main features on George. I found humour in not preparing for certain events. I symbolised social and political actions for up-coming climate change possibilities.

I was concerned about racial and gender ethics. I was asked why he was white and male and could not think of an answer off the top of my head because it was a natural common character in many animations. I went away and thought about it in-depth and I chose for him to be white and male because I want to express my culture, I made him male because I have not experienced these actions myself.

There is no sexual identification because we don't know who he is. The purpose of George is that he is neither contributing or acknowledging environmental change, he is moving about his day. The entire concept of George is even though he is one person, he is being impacted by environmental changes without knowing it.