Come Play - Directed by Jacob Chase (2020) / Larry (2017)

Larry, a gripping short film that quickly made my heart race with anticipation is about a man working in a parking booth, at night, bored. He becomes in disbelief and panic that a horror story he reads may have come to life.

What became gripping of this story was the director played on the characters mind as well as the audience's. It made me wonder whether what he was seeing what real or whether he was hallucinating.

In the beginning he discovered a box 'lost and found', we have no idea how long he has been working at this facility, nor do we know who left that box there, this element added onto the mystery of Larry.

The man reads a story titled, 'the misunderstood monster', this ridiculous story is funny to the man who is later hiding under the desk.

The cheap jump shot at the end relieved some tension between Larry, the audience and the man, making you forget the spine tingling sound effects throughout the film. We don't need to know what Larry's face looks like to feel the same way as the man in the booth.

Come Play is an adaptation of Larry, directed and written by the same author; Jacob Chase. Come Play is about an autistic boy called Oliver who uses an electronic to help his learning.

Oliver comes across the eBook about Larry, which Larry possesses.

Come Play puts a spin on traditional ghost stories and centers around the concerns of bullying. There is ambition in the concept of the film and what it could have been but a lot of the best moment in Come Play felt underdeveloped and the film was disappointing, the story line felt hesitant to explore the darkest theories of a parents over protection and lack of understanding.

With the exception of a few strong sequences that made me scared, it’s an inconsistent film that relied too much on jump scares instead of a sinister atmosphere.