Communication and Music - Animator & Director

Animation created by Lydia Phille.

The animation is almost on its way. Lydia, the animator, asked for the script.

Since completing my filmmaking course in college, I am used to writing scripts and skipping storyboards but what I have noticed is, people ask for the script so that is what I give them. The skipped step is sorted out later down the line.

Lydia expects me to criticise her on what she is doing wrong and what she is doing right and she is correct.

I already know her animation style and we discuss the colours of this animation and the facial expressions and camera angles are described in the script.

I have started looking through music options, I am a fan of instrumental jazz hip-hop. My recommendations have been swung towards this, the genre can be creative and relaxing and not too hard on the ears. I found Prod. Riddiman, he provides instrumentals for free professional projects but luKremBo is a good competitor.

Using jazz hip-hop in this animation is inspired by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse because I like how the character sparks when he sings, it humanised Miles.