Overfishing - Subject Matter

Animation created by Lydia Phille.

In this animation I aim to explore three subjects, one of which is overfishing.

George is fishing on an ice cap. I placed him on an ice cap because I wanted him to experience what it feels like for those impacted by environmental changes.

The aspect of overfishing in this animation shows you how empty the ocean is.

I wrote a short story a while back about the desperate need for food between humans and wildlife which I would like to convert into a visual story.

A seagull drifted along the ocean floor, picking up the smallest of fish.

“Stealing my fish?” I say to the seagull, in a disapproving tone.

It just glared at me like I was nothing but a piece of fruit it did not want.

I threw my rod in again, hoping for a chance of some dinner. The calm wind brushed upon my brown wooden boat, fit for two but my bucket of bait was clearly too important. My rod clunked down onto the boat.

A fish was caught.

I reached for the wet, rough, scaly fish that flapped about. Its head smacked down on the boat repeatedly.

As soon as I could hold the fish still, the seagull swooped down, opened his mouth and was ready to catch his food and my dinner.

The seagull gulped the fish down his gullet.

The concept inspired me to add overfishing into the animation because I think it is an important message to express. Due to the high demand of fish and commercial hunting valuable fish are in danger of becoming extinct. This will impact the oceans biodiversity and people's income.

Some fishermen are already poisoning coral reefs to catch a few fish (this is popular in Hong Kong and the Philippines). Coral reefs are important to keep homes and people's income because corals reduce intense waves and are a habitat for valuable fish we buy, daily.

Watch these two videos to understand a bit more about overfishing - ONE, TWO.