The Packet

“Before enlightenment. Chop logs. Carry water.”

On September 20th UK Student Climate Network called on everyone to join the march to protest against global climate change.

Since February this network have been calling monthly protests to tackle the climate crisis and to create a better world.

A young woman in the crowd passionately said; “We are aware of the devastating reality of climate change and implore you to act. We are asking you to tackle the climate crisis. The youth demand action not words.”

“You can make the change. You can help make our future stable, again.” Said a group leader, shouting from the top of her lungs.

Amongst Cornwall, Truro, Penzance, Liskeard and Plymouth approximately 3,000 people marched through their towns with homemade banners, chants and songs to defend their planet and to encourage our government to change. A few banners read, “Africa is burning, pay attention.” “act now or swim later.”, “there is no planet B.”

The march in Truro centred in Lemon Quay. Children drew with chalk and the adults screamed with fury and plead, “What do we want?” “Change.” “When do we want it?” “Now.” Police helped guide the walk for traffic to get by.

The network started when Greta Thunberg, a schoolgirl in Sweden refused to go to school, to protest outside her parliament. One year later, the Student Climate Network and Extinction Rebellion was up and running.

The Global Footprint Network have had their say, “The threats facing the plant and animal life on our planet is greater than at any time in modern history. Climate change, water shortages, overharvesting and habitat disruptions are driving down wildlife populations worldwide.”

“Not only that our climate has suffered enough, due to burning fossil fuels and the destruction to our natural environment. Global sea levels are 17cm higher and is increasing at an alarming rate.”

“Methane and CO2 are trapped in our atmosphere, increasing our heat levels. This has caused ice sheet and glaciers to decline. Hurricanes will intensify and occur more frequently and sea levels will rise up to four feet.”

The female group leader follows with a speech about the climate change crisis that will affect the planets future, your children’s futures and your grandchildren’s futures, “We strike because we have no choice. What we do today matters because what we are facing is an extreme threat. It is a worldwide emergency. Our houses are on fire and we must not let them burn.”

“Every single person here has the ability to make a change for the future that you and I want. Natures gift to our planet are millions of species that we know and love and many still remain undiscovered. Unfortunately, humans have irrevocably upset the balance of nature and animals are facing the largest rate of extinction since the dinosaurs.”

"We need change. Now! Act Now!"

“We have to change for the environment without the environment there is no we!”

Brother and sister in arms. Fighting for our planet.

"Fuck Trump. Fuck Boris"

“We want climate justice, now. Act or swim later.”

“Save us, the earth is burning.”