His House (2020) - Directed by Remi Weekes

A truly haunting, refreshing, thought-provoking story.

It is a brilliant horror film that kept me on the edge. I found myself crying and urging myself to stop watching because of how truthful and heart-rendering it is.

A married African couple escape the dangers of their village and try to make a home in Britain. As the husband begins to change things for him and his wife, the wife clings to her African roots.

The couple is soon haunted by a witch because of their past.

Sope Dirisu (Rial) and Wunmi Mosaku (Bol) give outstanding performances with clever distinctions of their own reality.

The special effects are disconcerting. Bol’s visions are instinctive and explicit, while the witch communicates with Rial. The metaphors are upfront and visually powerful. Although, this film is not bloodthirsty, the intensity is stirring.

This film points a light on how disturbing reality is and how we are left with the restrained impression that trauma will always follow us.