In the Tall Grass (2019) - Directed by Vincenzo Natali

This painfully long 'Netflix original' film could have been a short 40-70 minute thriller but quickly devolved into mediocrity.

Although it is a great concept and there are a few scary moments, some things are left unsolved and there is a lack of explanation, I wouldn't grasp who or what the grass people were. Considering it is a bunch of people running around in a grass field, it does hold enough mystery to get your imagination running.

Overtime the plot fell apart and the narrative became non-direct.

A brother and sister enter a field of tall grass after hearing the cry of a boy, they choose go rescue the boy, they soon realise they cannot escape and something evil is wondering in the grass.

The acting was good and cinematography was admirable but the script and narrative made this film unwatchable.