Photography Awards to Enter, for Free

The most important guideline for entering an amateur photo contest effectively is to follow all of the regulations. If you break these guidelines, you risk being disqualified. The judges keep track of which entries follow the contest rules. Make certain that you adhere to each guideline to the letter. It would be a pity to miss out on the opportunity to compete because your photo was submitted in the incorrect format.

Consider every category

There are many different categories in many events. Assess your strengths and predict which categories will receive the most submissions and which will receive the least. You boost your chances of winning if you have the stuff to submit for a category with fewer entrants.


Maintain a straightforward approach. For most award-winning pictures, the "less is more" approach works best. This holds true for both the amount of images you submit and the subject of each shot. If you don't think you have high-quality images to show the judges, don't feel obligated to enter the maximum number of photos permitted in each category.

Be creative

Before casting their vote, most judges consider if a photograph demonstrates the employment of innovative approaches to enhance the image's appeal. Judges favour photographers who are aware of unusual colours, angles, forms, patterns, and lines.


It might be frightening to enter your first picture contest, but don't allow your fears get the best of you. You are at the mercy of the judges after your work has been submitted. Don't allow a single defeat prevent you from entering future competitions. Examine the winning photographs, take note of any criticism, and use what you've learned to your next photo shoot.

For amateurs


Anyone may create a free ViewBug account online. You may use your account to share your images and acquire followers. You may post up to 10 images every week with a free account, and you can enter free contests with your photos. You can earn incentives, points, and badges based on your actions. With your free account, you'll be able to vote in select picture contests and participate in ViewBug challenges.

A free account is a great way for new photographers to get started with the site. Viewing other people's work can also help you pinpoint your areas of interest and distinct aesthetic. ViewBug is the place to go if you're looking for photographic inspiration.

You could discover an online contest named "People Working" or "We Love Mum" under their "People" area, as well as possibilities to enter classic portrait photography samples. Contest themes in the "Colours" category might include "Soft Tones" or "Colours of the Rainbow." Competitions ranging from pet photography to stunning wildlife photography may be found under the "Animals" category.

Special "Photo of the Month" and "Photo of the Year" contests are also held by ViewBug. The winners of these important events are chosen by a team of judges. From the pool of entries, judges frequently choose multiple finalists or honourable mention awardees.

When you click on the contest's name, you'll be sent to a website with important details on how to participate, deadlines, judging criteria, and rewards. You can also check the total number of individuals who have joined the competition so far. Make sure you understand all of the regulations by reading the page thoroughly.

Make sure your image contribution is relevant to the contest's theme. Some contests, for example, may place a premium on photographic composition, while others attempt to showcase cutting-edge lighting or colour approaches. Some contests have extremely particular requirements, such as focusing on unusual night bokeh instances.

Click the "Submit Photos" button after you're sure you've discovered the perfect contest for you. You have the option of selecting photographs from your portfolio or adding a new shot from your computer. Finally, to submit your photo, click "Continue."

You can enter ViewBug contests from your mobile phone or device even if you don't have access to a computer. You can upload mobile photography, enter competitions, view awards, and vote in contests using the ViewBug app.


If you want to establish a name for yourself as an internet photographer, you should check out PhotoCrowd. It is one of the most active online groups and hosts a number of free photography contests. Major award programmes also hosted on the site.

Many free photography contests are available on PhotoCrowd, and you may enter them without paying a charge. You may browse the current list of open free contests on the PhotoCrowd website at any moment. You'll discover anything from portfolio competitions evaluated by professionals to contests centred on specific themes such as architecture, birds, and cuisine.

They cover a wide range of themes, you will discover very specific photographic niches, such as art photography competitions, macro photography competitions, or fine art black and white portrait photography. Some premium photo contests may have a limit on the number of entries or require competitors to utilise a certain camera type.

The theme is chosen by the contest host, who may also assist in the judging. PhotoCrowd prizes are determined in part by the votes of the community. Participating in a community contest is an excellent opportunity to meet other photographers with similar interests.

If you wish to enter an online competition, you must first create an account on Creating an account is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. You'll be able to create a profile, which will contain a section for all of your public images.

You should be aware that PhotoCrowd only accepts JPEG photographs with a maximum file size of 25 MB. However, you do not need to be concerned about "what camera should I buy?" in order to participate on the site. You can effortlessly share photos taken with any sort of camera, including your smartphone or a basic point-and-shoot. In PhotoCrowd there are mobile photography competitions.

Simply click the "Contests" icon to locate contests. After that, you'll get a drop-down menu with a list of all the picture competitions you may currently enter. There's also a "Chosen for You" area that points you to picture contests that could be a good fit for you.

Carefully read the contest brief. Make a note of any unique criteria or deadlines. Click the "Enter a Photo" button when you're ready to submit. You may enter the contest by uploading a new image or sharing one you've already uploaded to your profile. You'll never have to worry about photo printing for a PhotoCrowd contest because it's all done online.

For intermediates


Xposure is a prominent photo festival and an official imaging and educational platform that conducts a specialised photographic and video production trade expo, as well as a variety of photography activities such as exhibitions, workshops, seminars, screenings, focus groups, competitions, and photo walks.

Exhibitions, Workshops, Seminars, Presentations, Competitions, Screenings, Portfolio Reviews, and a photographic goods Trade Show are all part of Xposure, a non-profit educational and photography & film platform that includes a variety of photography activities.

The trade expo brings together top photography brands to show off the latest cameras, accessories, and equipment to the general public, as well as amateur and professional photographers, trade groups, and merchants.

The Xposure International Awards are open to photographers of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of expertise. A category for filmmakers has also been added. The panel of judges will select an overall winner from the photographic categories, as well as a winner and runner-up from each of the other categories, such as moving image and short films. The Jury is seeking for photos that are distinctive, outstanding, and of excellent quality. Entrants are allowed to submit up to ten photographs in any of the qualifying categories, or across several categories.

International Photo Grant

Grant for International Photography The candidate with the most inspiring photography concept receives a $1,000 grant to develop his visual endeavour each year. To assist all photographers from across the world, we are accepting contributions without charge, the first entry is free to submit. The International Photography Grant is a platform for gaining experience and breaking into the field of professional photography. Artists may advance their careers and get recognition from art galleries, curators, the media, and cultural organisations all around the world.

You have the option of categorising your images into five separate categories, each with its own set of specialties. Our competition includes distinct specialities for each edition. You can enter your work in the following categories for the 2019 edition: creative, documentary, landscape, portrait, and travel.

The International Photography Award promotes its winners extensively. They publish winning photographers in the IPA Annual Book of Photography and also host a world-wide travelling show. With a substantial cash reward and a wide range of categories for photographers of all skill levels, you've got yourself a fantastic event.

Sony World Photography Awards

This International Photography Award promotes its winners extensively. They publish winning photographers in the IPA Annual Book of Photography and also host a world-wide travelling show. With a substantial cash reward and a wide range of categories for photographers of all skill levels, you've got yourself a fantastic event.

They have a variety of categories, for students, professionals and experts. Portraiture, travel, natural world and wildlife, lifestyle, landscape, architectural, creative, motion, object, and street photography are among the categories in the Open competition.

Hideko Kataoka, who piloted a judging panel said "When it came to picking a winning shot, uniqueness and creativity were key, and it was incredible to watch the photographers' pleasure and joy as they recorded the moment. Each of the images in this competition makes an attractive visual statement about a topic or a specific predicament. Black and white photography retains an unique place in the hearts of many photographers, as seen by several of the photographs on this year's shortlist. The starkness of black and white has the ability to distil an image's substance and focus the viewer's attention on the topic."

For experts

British Photography Awards

They have 10 categories to participate, so they can build up a reasonably thorough image of the United Kingdom in all her glory year after year. They collaborate with a wide range of charities, their judges are all UK-based industry professionals, their rewards scale with the popularity of the competition, and they have an ever-growing network of affiliates and supporters eager to help the awards develop organically, from the ground up. This allows businesses to retain an ethical approach while also lowering marketing expenditures and increasing charitable donations. To be as national and non-centralist as feasible, the awards event will be held in a different UK location each year.

They've had a lot of great feedback from so many forward-thinking people who understand the importance of this type of work, especially in these uncertain times. It's a brand-new model, and they cherish your feedback more than anything else, furthermore, if you believe you can help to the project.

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, Britain's most distinguished portrait photography competition, is returning with a new collection of moving pictures on show at the National Portrait Gallery, which opens today, November 7. Pat Martin's images of his mother, named Gail and Beaux and Mom, which serve as a commentary on the commonly misinterpreted nature of addiction, were revealed as the winner on Tuesday evening, with the Los Angeles-based photographer earning £15,000 as a reward. Enda Bowe won second and third place for his picture Neil from his Love's Fire Song series on Belfast teenage culture and Garrod Kirkwood's The Hubbucks, respectively.

Photographers must submit both body of work and individual portraits. It usually means you're left with a midway house: here are 54 images by 25 artists, the majority of which are from separate series that we can only get a peek of. If you're anything like me, you'll spend a lot of time on Google afterward.

It's fantastic when a portrait show captures actual life in all aspects - including the varied spectrum of people that make up any community - in terms of ethnicity, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, and so on. It's no surprise that the prestigious prize, which whittled down 3,700 photos from 1,611 photographers to 57, includes some It's Nice That favourites as well as other modern photography giants.