Spree (2020) - Directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko

Spree explores a unique storyline that agonisingly demonstrated the power of an online following and the necessity and obsession with making a viral video that quickly takes a dark turn.

The direction of Spree was presented by placing the main character's obsession throughout the film; being on camera. As the film progresses, Kurt becomes more and more in-depth with his desire to become viral, making the character feel out of touch with society. Thus introducing irritating online influencers.

Kurt Kunkle (Joe Keery) sets up a LiveFly account called KurtsWorld96 gave an authentic, awkward performance that made the character completely unlikable and feel sympathy for the extra characters. His odd taste in music brought out the storylines depressive realisation how important social management is.

Bobby (Joshua Ovalle) of Bobby BaseCamp is a gamer, who is acting friends with Kurt came off as plain and pretentious.

Jessie Adams (Sasheer Zamata) had quite low energy and she said she was a comedian but I found her jokes typical and her character complained too much, I had no empathy for her.

uNo (Sunny Kim) another social media star is famous for releasing a porn video. uNo instantly came off as stupid, spoilt and unappealing.

The film lacks insight into the culture of social influencers and eerily escalates into an unwatchable slasher film that only makes me question how Kurt has not been caught. The film made the director look thirsty for violence. I would have preferred to re-watch American Psycho.