Top 10 Photography Magazines You Should Be Reading

Reading magazines are what encouraged me to photograph more obscure and outstanding photos, they also made me feeling more comfortable experimenting with black and white and colour photography, including digital and film. Today I will share my favourite photography magazines for different genres.

1. National Geographic

My favourite photography genre is macro and wildlife but I thoroughly enjoy reading about portrait series and travel stories, which is where the National Geographic come in, they explore portraits, cultures, travel and wildlife. They also heavily talk about environmental issues with environmental photojournalists and include hard-hitting facts on what is happening within the world today.

They published an article on the impact of global waste dumps, it is worth having a look just for the photographs. You can interpret a lot from just those portrait photos, without reading the article. The National Geographic publish impactful photographs that create powerful stories, for inspiring journalists and photojournalists alike and because of its high-quality educational material, gripping emotional stories, and stunning photographic essays, the National Geographic magazine has been one of the most widely read periodicals for almost a century.

The National Geographic also have a kids section for ages 6+, this magazine explores the nature of wildlife that include interactive activities and feature fun facts.

2. Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer, founded in 1884, is the world's oldest weekly photographic magazine. It is the go-to source for breaking news and reviews, as well as in-depth testing and investigations of the latest technology. Interviews and editorials from many of the world's best photographers, as well as practical technique, are included regularly to inspire and thrill the loyal readership, for whom photography is far more than a pastime. Those interested in purchasing photographic equipment or seeking tips on how to improve their photography should read this book.

I religiously bought this magazine when I started shooting photography professionally, it taught me about equipment, certain shot types and it introduces me to other like-minded photographers.

In every issue of Amateur Photographer magazine contains an excellent collection of varied subjects. All the latest photography news is covered, including the latest models and technological trends, hands-on and in-depth evaluations of new cameras, the latest photography books and exhibits, and excellent tips to getting the most out of your cameras, lenses, and editing software.

Amateur Photographer also includes pieces on the subject of photography and the history of the hobby as a whole, as well as some breathtaking photographs sent by readers and pros from across the world.

They also include an annual photography competition for aspiring photographers worth entering into, for recognition and a chance to win photographic equipment.

3. British Journal of Photography

The British Journal of Photography isn't a typical photography portfolio.

BJP is the world's oldest photography magazine, having been published since 1854. We focus on creativity and innovation, as well as the thoughts and creative processes that lead to those uncommon photos that capture and retain your attention. While their technology section has product reviews, they are more of a photographic diary than a camera magazine.

They look for fresh talent to include in their projects, for each issue, as well as interviews with more known stars – the type of photographers who've already left an indelible impression on our visual memory – and updates on the newest trends. They provide briefings and opinions on the latest thinking about the medium and how to make it work as a company in their intelligence section.

4. Black & White Photography

This is a publication that you should look into if you haven't already. While the journal doesn't have a distinct style, the art has a unified beauty, and the reproductions are of excellent quality. The focus is on black-and-white creative photography rather than equipment or industry difficulties. I particularly like how the photographs are toned gently, giving them visual variation even in black and white. This magazine is dedicated only to photography and features fine art black and white images from the past and present.

The majority of the magazine is devoted to artist biographies and galleries featuring photographs contributed by readers. The magazine covers both film and digital photography and is widely regarded as one of the greatest publications for photographers. There are many comprehensive interviews, anecdotes, and biographies available that are highly worth reading.

As the magazine's motto states, the Black and White magazine is for fine photography collectors, and the magazine demonstrates it by offering high art black and white pictures from the past and present. The journal is only dedicated to photography and does not include gear reviews or photography/post-processing technicalities.

The majority of the magazine is devoted to artist biographies and galleries of photographs donated by readers, with a mix of amateur and professional photographers whose work we would not have seen otherwise published. In this aspect, the magazine is regarded one of the greatest publications for any photographer out there, as it emphasises both film and digital photography.

5. Digital Photographer

The magazine Digital Photographer is aimed at both amateur and professional photographers who want to develop their abilities and portfolio. The magazine's material is authored by industry specialists, and the advice offered here comes from professionals and company owners who are already well-known in the field.

The finest part is the professional photographers' "Behind the Scenes" segment, which shows readers how they operate. From macro to landscapes to astrophotography, architecture, and more, the magazine covers it all.

The magazine brings readers up to speed on the newest digital photography methods and technology. There is also a lot of information about post-processing photographs, such as how to utilise high-end editing software, so the reader may learn about the entire process of making a gorgeous shot.

The gear evaluation part introduces the reader to the most recent equipment on the market, allowing them to choose the best equipment for their needs. The journal is geared at novice and amateur photographers, as the articles go into great detail about the functions and uses of various types of equipment, even the most fundamental, such as a tripod.

The technical articles and tutorials in this magazine are written by professionals and are set out in a step-by-step format to assist readers grasp the techniques used by professionals. Aside from that, there are highlighted images from experts and readers, all of which are motivating enough to encourage the reader to try out the approaches and improve their talents.

6. Aperture

Aperture magazine is a quarterly magazine that was started in 1952 by a group of talented professional photographers. It is considered one of America's top photography publications. It is not a "how to" magazine, but it does cover a wide range of photographic topics, from the great outdoors to architecture and even nature at its best.

The magazine is jam-packed with stunning photos that will entice you to look at them again and again, as well as keep the magazines as treasures. The prints are of great quality on premium paper, almost as if you were gazing at photos in a gallery, and they contain the work of some of the world's most famous photographers.

The journal has some of the best literature, including information on art theory and history that every photographer should be familiar with. The magazine may genuinely be a source of inspiration for photographers, encouraging them to consider and make shots from a variety of viewpoints in order to generate distinctive images.

Each issue of the magazine focuses on a different subject in modern photography and showcases some of the most inspiring photographic portfolios. The issue also includes photographic ideas, interviews, discussions, photographs, projects, and more, all centred on the month's subject. The magazine has less advertisements so that the reader may focus on the magazine's many features.

7. Nature Photographer

Nature Photographer magazine is one of the greatest American publications, issued three times a year and covering all four seasons. This journal is intended towards wildlife photographers, and the material included therein is useful for both novices and experts in the area.

The majority of the content in the magazine is organised as "How to" pieces for animal and landscape photography, with the photographers detailing how they captured the shot. The photographs in the magazine are stunning, and they are complimented by comments written by the photographer himself.

The magazine focuses on community and environmental stewardship, with parts dedicated to natural history. Ads are kept to a minimum, which enhances the reading experience. The goal of the journal is to assist readers in arranging successful journeys to shoot the outdoors in far-flung places, nearby national parks, or even in their own backyards.

The majority of the magazine's material is organised as "How to" pieces for wildlife and landscape photography, with photographers detailing how they captured the image so that readers may put the skills they learned in the magazine to use and make high-quality photographs. The magazine also assists in the discovery of ideal spots for wilderness photography, which are then highlighted with magnificent photographs. Photographic skills span from macro to wildlife, stunning landscapes to seascapes, and everything in between.

The magazine's photographs are stunning, and they're accompanied with articles written by the photographer themselves, and they're written in such a manner that the photographer communicates how they felt and how they photographed in that specific circumstance. This gives the publication a more human touch and encourages photographers to get out and shoot. The photographs are accompanied with camera settings and gear specs, and they show nature at its best.

For amateurs there is advice on how to use gear as well as any unique attachments or equipment necessary is offered. There are sections on product information and evaluations to assist readers in selecting the equipment they require for their photography, as well as field tactics to aid in capturing the finest photographs while on site.

8. Shutter

Shutter magazine is a professional photographer's magazine that focuses on guidance, instructional information, and inspiration. Many experienced photographers contribute articles to the site, offering their reliable, honest, and actionable advise on a variety of business problems.

The magazine is structured up in a way that allows readers to breathe without cramming too much information into a single page. The magazine's images are of high quality, and the contents have a professional feel to them because the contributors are up to speed on the newest technology and goods.

The fact that the contributors know how to manage a photography business and are industry experts distinguishes the magazine as a premier professional photography publication. The focus of the magazine's content is on the business side of photography. The magazine is a work of art, with its high-quality pages and cover, and is intended to be part of a photographer's collection.

Each issue has a distinct subject, which is the emphasis of the whole publication. There's a product spotlight area as well as articles to get you inspired. Not to mention, they touch on several post-production procedures and tactics.

9. PhotoEd

PhotoEd is a publication dedicated to inspiring and educating Canadian photographers. This magazine is distinct from others in that it incorporates multiple topics into each issue, which span from travel and landscape photography to underwater photography and portraiture to still life and every other kind of photography.

Photographers that specialise in that category produce photography tales. Each issue includes advice and methods related to the topic of the issue; for example, if the theme is travel photography, the issue includes travel suggestions as well as photographic skills.

The journal is an excellent resource for picture arts education since it combines ancient and current techniques, and there is something new to learn for everyone. There are "how-to" articles and DIY articles for beginning and amateur photographers, as well as works by emerging and renowned Canadian photographers. Images provided by readers can be seen in the readers' gallery.

10. EXIT

EXIT is a Spanish image and culture magazine that covers a wide range of photography, photographers, and concepts. It's a quarterly publication that displays photographers' experiences, feelings, and photographic work.

The first edition of the magazine was published in November 1999, and it is topical. The magazine's content focuses on current cultural topics and is presented in the form of images. Experienced photographers from all across the world contributed to the pieces.

They publish photographs from all genres of photography, from documentary to fashion, traditional to modern, from photographers all over the world, and they publish images from all genres of photography, from documentary to fashion, traditional to contemporary. The magazine's design and quality are exceptional, and it has become a photographer's collectible.

Articles from the perspective of art and photography history, a main portfolio of an artist accompanied by an interview or essay, four other portfolios of artists with brief texts, an article on the specified theme of the issue based on the perspective of a specialist of that theme, and biographies of artists whose works are showcased are just a few examples of the content that can be found in each magazine.