Would You Rather? (2012) - Directed by David Guy Levy

Would You Rather is a suspenseful, eerie film that is full of plot holes, even so I felt sympathy for the characters and could not stop watching because I wanted to see who would win.

The title sequence is a close up of an x-ray of a human body. This tells us that the film involves the infliction of human pain, we see this because if we have internal physical pain we get an x-ray.

We only get one introduction, Iris, which has let us know she is going to win. This is a huge flaw in a movie. The only reason to continue to watching is know how Iris won.

The symbolism within this film presents as manipulation and what the power of money can control. It truly puts an image on 'people will do anything for money'

Shepard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs) unconvincing acting manages to persuade eight people to risk their lives for others. Once they are introduced to one another, the scene begins with three 'whispering' in a tiny room, everyone would have heard what they were saying, I thought this was sloppy and unnecessary as the characters should have been introduced to one another at the dinner table, to add more empathy within the room.

The previously winning Doctor had concern about the patients, however, rather than calling the police he drives to the dinner party by himself, with a gun, this seemed pointless and not well thought-out. Each person at the dinner party had family members, what complexed me is how did no one pick up on their deaths?

The character development was non-existent leaving me to feel no emotional attachment to any of the characters.

This basic, straightforward plot has an interesting concept that disappointingly spiraled downwards and turned into a gory mess with stale acting.